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 Fuel fires are considered Class B fires by firefighting professionals. These are all fires caused by flammable liquids. They are quite dangerous and cause many deaths each year. If you find yourself few hints to know beforehand to help you extinguish it.
  1. Find the source of the fuel and shut it off. It will be very hard to put out the fire if it constantly being fed new fuel.
  2. Pull the pin on your fire extinguisher.
  3. Aim the extinguisher on top of the fire. You want the something agents to fall over the top of the fire and smother it. Over the top of the fire and smother it.
  4. Squeeze the lever on the fire extinguisher.
  5. Move the spray around the top of the fire. Dry chemical and foam extinguishers will leave a film across the top of the diesel fuel that keep the fire from flaring back up.
  6. Keep an eye on the fire site for about half an hour to ensure there are no more flare ups.
Tips & Warnings
  • Class B fires give off flammable vapors and require a smothering type firefighting agent to put them out. This is why cooks put flour on grease fires.
  • You will need to have a fire extinguisher that uses foam, dry chemicals or carbon dioxide.
  • Fuel fires become more and more dangerous the longer they burn.
  • If you can’t fight it immediately you should consider evacuation.
  • If there are people who need assistance in case of evacuation it is best not to fight the fire.
  • Simply evacuate the children and the physically impaired.
  • Never let flames get between you and your exit.
  • If your exit is blocked clear the fire from the exit only and leave the room.